Italian Quality

Italian cuisine: the last word in fine eating.

Here at Bross, food is both a pleasure and a passion.
Because we know that dining well - eating delicious healthy food - means living well. Awareness of this is constantly increasing among global consumers too.
So if, like us, you demand only the finest quality food, you should direct your gaze towards the Mediterranean, and in particular, towards Italy.
After all, this is the country where, over the centuries, a perfect mix of climate, culture and creativity have given rise to a uniquely Italian talent; the talent to "do" food in a way which remains unequalled in any other part of the world.

It is no coincidence that Italy represents the gold standard for all those who are seeking the very best that the food industry has to offer.
Being the best is determined by the highest quality ingredients used to prepare typical local foods both simply and naturally, as well as by a near infinite variety in the way that those ingredients are combined.
These are the hallmarks of Italian cuisine, bolstered by thousands of recipes, traditional processes and regional cooking methods; here in Italy, it is normal for every region, indeed for every town, to boast its own distinctive abilities; the historic legacy of the people who live here.


The Best Italian Taste

Italian food products: the multiple market sectors of Bross.

In the exportation of Italian food products, Bross has no rival; you can count on us.

Listing all of our company strengths is impossible; we are at the forefront in providing quality Italian food worldwide.o di qualità.
At Bross, we have no desire to impose limits on the service that we bring to you. We are committed to satisfying every single need our clients may have.
When it comes to sourcing Italian food supplies, we know how to do it, and we believe we do it better than anyone else.

Here is the full range of Italian food products that Bross currently markets - every one top quality and 100% authentic.
    • Prepared meals
    • Homemade and factory-made pasta
    • Stuffed pasta
    • Sauces for pasta and pesto
    • Tomato purée
    • Olive oil
    • Balsamic vinegar
    • Sauces, mayonnaise and ketchup
    • Cheese
    • Sliced meats and salami
    • Preserves, pickles and antipasti
    • Seafood products
    • Snacks and crisps
    • Breadsticks and crackers
    • Fruit juices
    • Wines, beers and spirits
    • Coffe, tea and infusions
    • Organic foods
    • Health foods and gluten free products
    • Baked goods
    • Biscuits
    • Sweets and desserts
    • Croissants and brioches
    • Traditional cakes
    • Chocolate and dragées
    • Boiled sweets and soft pastilles
    • Ice cream and frozen pastries
    • Nougat
    • Jams and marmalades
    • Chutneys


Italian Food Products

A roundup of our exports.

What our clients say

Absolutely reliable and punctual.
With Bross Food, quality is indisputable.


The Bross Mission

Exporting the finest Italian food; the Bross mission.

Here's what we aim for at Bross: to bring the rich heritage of Italian ingredients, products and culinary know-how to the world.

To export the finest Italian food, and offer our customers the best possible value for money: this is our mission at Bross.
So that even the most discerning palates may be supplied with quality Italian food.
The confirmation that Bross is fulfilling its mission comes from the continuous expansion in the range of countries we trade with.
Stretching from eastern to northern Europe, down to Africa and across the Middle East as far as China and south-east Asia, our clients offer and promote Italian foods that Bross has chosen for them and alongside them.

Bross distributes a selection of typical Italian products of great quality to its customers, always striving to give them the best possible value for money.
The flavours and aromas of Italy will be brought right to your table thanks to the wide variety of authentic regional foods that we at Bross are able to serve to you.
Bross has been present in the world market for almost two decades. Based in Reggio Emilia, in the heart of Emilia Romagna - the land of the most exquisite local foods - we promote and support a wealth of the finest Italian producers.
"Our exacting palates, accustomed to eating only the highest quality foods for generations, test and monitor the locally sourced products that we offer you, guaranteeing premium quality and authentic Italian tradition".

Our refined palates test and check every product we offer,
guaranteeing quality
and ensuring every nuance of Italian tradition is met.

Team Bross

A team of experts you can trust

Exporting quality Italian food with a staff of highly qualified native speakers.

All our staff involved at various levels in exporting Italian food products for Bross boast different backgrounds which, in our globally minded business, is undoubtedly a major advantage.
When this international mindset is combined with a deep respect for the traditions and expertise of Italian and Emilian food culture, you begin to understand why over the years our customers have come to depend on having the Bross team by their side throughout the whole export process; from sourcing the best suppliers and products to delivering them in the freshest possible condition to their storerooms and outlets.

“We consider the staff at our export office our most valuable resource. Employing native speakers from the countries we do business with allows us to have direct contact with our customers, so they can communicate effortlessly with us using their first language”, our managing director Igor Barbieri explains.
Bross speaks Russian, Arabic and English, and practically all other European languages​​ too. Wherever in the world we are exporting Italian food products, we do so without any language barrier whatsoever.

    Igor Barbieri


    Katarina Krupinska


    Liliana Levitchi

    Account Manager

    Gabriella Soregaroli

    Financial manager

    Anissa Raji

    Head of Financial manager

    Anna Lishchuk

    Account manager

Bross Food has all the necessary know-how
to put manufacturers in contact with importers,
in compliance with all the requisite guarantees for food safety standards.


Our Services

Building bridges between producers, suppliers and consumers.

Many of the suppliers Bross works with are already present in international markets, but there are those who, despite being great producers, do not possess the necessary framework to promote and raise awareness of their activities abroad.

We can take care of this too, by giving producers the support they need and connecting them to importers who understand the value of their products, who can help them to develop their business in the best possible way with the assurance of meeting all the requisite legislation necessary to comply with European food safety standards.

Here at Bross, we have at our disposal a wide range of suppliers that offer different price ranges and different kinds of Italian food products, some of these are better suited to providing quality Italian food to supermarket chains, while others are more appropriate for the HORECA sector, or even for gourmet food outlets and delicatessens.

What they all have in common is excellent value for money, which Bross can guarantee thanks to the volumes obtained by joining together the individual force of each of our customers in one convenient whole.
Our company excels in cargo consolidation and groupage organisation, allowing us to make the best use of transportation for all the many different types of Italian food products that we deal with.
The bridges Bross creates between customers and suppliers, who might otherwise never meet, is paved with strong business relationships that often turn into equally strong friendships, destined to last over time, to cross borders and to unite different cultures.
We are at all times dedicated to the art of fine dining, or in other words, to supplying quality Italian foods.
The close relationships we have formed with customers, suppliers and producers are also cultivated through regular visits made by our multilingual personnel, and thanks to the meetings Bross arranges at international food fairs.


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